Retirement Sale - Manufacturing

The owners of this business, which manufactures plastic airside safety products using rotational moulding techniques, wanted to sell due to their impending retirement.

Despite this being a niche sector, we sent out 15 documents to pre-qualified potential purchasers, arranged 7 meetings, and succeeded in achieving an offer within 10% of the asking price.

Sale on health grounds - Management Information Systems

This company is a leading builder of databases, supplying other database providers plus direct customers. The company was sold due to the illness of one of the founders.

The full asking price was achieved, with no retentions plus continued employment for the other founder, to an international group.

Retirement Sale - Forklift Truck Distributor

This company is a forklift truck distributor ship with 2 outlets, located in the Home Counties, with exclusive distributorships for new and used trucks, both for sale and hire.

A highly targeted campaign to competitive truck distributors achieved a 10% response rate, whilst an advert placed in the Daily Telegraph also generated substantial interest. An offer of £1.2 million, nearly 90% of the asking price, was achieved within 2 months of going to market,

Sale on health grounds - Advertising Agency

This company, located in central London, is a leading Advertising Agency specialising in the charity sector. One of the key partners developed a long-term progressive illness.

We achieved a sale within four months of instruction at a sum close to the asking price, with the new owner offering part-time work to the director concerned. The business was relocated within central London, all other members of staff being retained.

Retirement Sale - Heating and Hot Water Systems

The owners of this hot water and heating systems supplier wanted to retire. With a turnover in excess of £1 million, the business supplies condensing boilers which are environmentally friendly and cost efficient.

An offer of £675,000, 86% of the asking price, was accepted for this business, with timescales of less than 1 month from offer to completion, including due diligence!

Retirement Sale - Roofing Specialists

This specialist roofing company was sold due to the retirement of one of the two owner/directors.

The sale was complicated by the nature of the purchaser's financial arrangements and security offered to lenders, but by maintaining close involvement in all legal aspects of the deal we were able to ensure that our clients' interests were represented both commercially and legally.

A sale at very close to the asking price was achieved, with continuing employment for the one director who wished to remain with the business.

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