Square Route Solutions specialises in the sale and acquisition of small to medium sized businesses. The service we offer covers, in depth, all stages of a transaction, from identifying a purchaser/vendor to negotiation and completion of Sale and Purchase contracts.

Operating in Southern England & the Midlands, our approach to sales includes a proven unique targeting system which is tailored to address the needs of individual clients.

We have been established for 12 years, handling businesses in most commercial and industrial sectors.

Our directors are professionally qualified, and offer a free initial consultation & valuation, with a flexible fee structure.

How do we sell your business?

In 12 straightforward steps:-

  1. We listen - to your needs; your concerns; the state of the business; family involvement; valuation expectations.

  2. We explain - the options; outright v. partial sale; ongoing employment for family members; the sales process; the legalities.

  3. We review - your last three year's accounts; your products and services; the ongoing management structure; reasons for sale.

  4. We value the business - every business is different, and the valuation techniques we use will reflect this. If acceptable we issue an engagement letter.

  5. We prepare a Confidential Sale Memorandum, covering - history; staff; products and services; financial position; reasons for sale; competition; plans and forecasts.

  6. We analyse - using our unique analytical tools plus data from your and our own sources we create a unique profile of organisations most likely to be interested in acquiring your business and who have the means to do so. This process forms just one part of our comprehensive marketing campaign.

  7. We represent just one party to the sales process - you.

  8. We scrutinise - together with you and before any information is released which could identify you, we vet all applicants who want to know more about your business. You remain in control of this process at all times.

  9. We prepare the Heads of Agreement once an offer is made, and expect, as part of this process, that the applicant , via his solicitor, demonstrates his ability to finance the deal.

  10. We help you select a specialist corporate lawyer (we have a panel of firms we recommend according to the type of deal) if you do not already have one.

  11. We liaise with all professional parties to the deal, e.g. bankers, lawyers and accountants, to ensure a successful outcome.

  12. We guide you through the complete selling process, dealing with your concerns, questions and requirements. Our hands-on approach provides you with the confidence that at no stage are you without adequate support. We never pass your file to a junior member of staff to process. Your contact level will always be one of our directors.
The objective?..........

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